About Me

I Like To Create Things That Speak To People

My number one goal is to provide great user experiences through creative design. I specialize in effective communication ideas that help break down corporate barriers between companies and their clients. I see my role as one that can remove visual confusion, and replace it with clear, well thought-out chunks of content that can be understood correctly. Turning difficult problems into easy solutions is what keeps me designing with users in mind.

While I enjoy working in digital mediums, I also look at the artsy side of reality. I am always thinking of ways to incorporate inspirational art from other sources and implementing them into my own work. When I look at technology I see evolution in thinking, design, accessibility, and people’s sense of understanding when using them. Rather than giving you the usual information of where I am from (Bronx, New York by the way), I thought it would be better to show a glimpse of my world and what helps inspire me.